Thank you! Rick and The K.C.Team! Thank you for the wedding of a lifetime!! Our wedding is still the talk of all of our guest!  We had so many phone calls the next day on how wonderful the Elvis show was, and how much fun they had! It was a great Idea to have the Elvis show while we were taking wedding pictures! What a Great Halloween party/ Reception! It was the bomb!  As my new husband and I will never forget our shoctober wedding please feel free to use us as a reference and any photos you care to thank you soooooooooo much Stephanie and Lou 10/29/05

Elvis / Rick & King Creole Entertainment, Thank you so much for performing at  our wedding You were the best ever. Everyone raved about the great job you did. Thank you so much for being so great,and making our wedding perfect. It was a pleasure working with you! Take care,and we wish you continued success. Best wishes, Jami & Jason Vallner.

Dear Rick and Bobbi, THANK YOU so much for the amazing time and effort that both of you took to make our wedding a fun and unforgettable event!  Our highlight of the evening was when Rick sang Can't help falling in love with you when we had our first dance as husband and wife. That was a touching moment and your voice was so amazing. We still receive compliments on how fun the wedding was and how great the performance was at our wedding. People have said it was the most fun wedding they have been too! Thank you for the memories! Love, Sean and Lissette Knight Married October 1, 2005

Rick / ELVIS Just wanted to send you a email to express our deepest thanks for all your hard work on our wedding. You really did an incredable job setting up a great show!  Ellen Sarpita..Wedding date October 9th 2005

Thank you Elvis! Your performance at my wedding was so special to me and my wife. You were a delight to hear. We thought you were lip-syncing. You really have the voice down. Thank you again, and let us know if you are doing a public show out in San Francisco.We would love to attend. Ben Satuya.

Our Wedding was electrified by your Elvis Tribute! The karaoke was also a great Idea,and my husband thought nobody would want to sing but I guess he was surprised! all the guest at my wedding enjoyed your showmanship and your upbeat personality. Thank you again,and please use me anytime as a referral. Your truly, Sarah Chuller.

Hey King!! Great Job!! with our wedding. Sean and I really thought all your services were top notch!  We have never been married before,and had no idea how this performance would be. It was worth every penny. Great Singing!! Great lighting fx. What a Great reception! everybody thought it was so incredable!  Say Hi to Bobbie and please remember to thank her for both of us as well! Sarah and Sean Wolfe wedding June 11th 2004 wedding in Danville.

Thank you, King Creole Entertainment! When my wife,and I threw around the idea of renewing our wedding vows we thought we would go to Vegas and find an Elvis wedding chapel to marry us. Then we came across your site. We decided on a outdoor ceremony overlooking the cliffs of the city I call home........San Francisco! It was a cool Saturday morning. Suddenly piercing through the fog down the trail was Elvis!......Totally awesome!! Even though you said you had never proceeded over a wedding ceremony,you were great! Afterward you threw together a few songs to entertain the guest.Everybody loved it! After the ceremony we gathered at the Cliffhouse for drinks,and suddenly! coming down the great highway is the king. We all waved and Cheered as you honked your horn as you drove down the road into the morning fog and suddenly disappeared. We all yelled"Elvis has left the City!"

I just wanted to take a minute to write you before Russell and I go to Aruba on our honeymoon tomorrow. If ever there was a textbook example of a perfect Elvis Ceremony you Rick are it. From the beginning when we first met you back in january,you have allways been easy to get in contact with, and in addition very egar to help us out with all our concerns. When the big day finally came.You had all our wishes for our reception in place,and created a perfect Elvis Vegas atmosphere! My family and friends all the guests enjoied it,and thought it was very romantic. I have been to many weddings for my family and friends., I attended allot of the people's weddings who were at my wedding. Many of them approached me and said "Man! where did you find this Elvis Officate he is so fun,and friendly!" I don't recall how I found your site but I will never forget it or you,and I know I will see you again,because I will recommend you to anyone how needs the perfect Elvis officate Thanks Again Rick! Tina & Robert Russell's wedding may 14th 2006

Thank you Elvis Rick & Bobbie for the great job that you did at our wedding. I have been to several weddings ceremonies & you were the best!  When we got back from our honeymoon, all we heard was what a great job that you did. Everyone had so much fun. Thank you so much for helping to make our day so memorable. Jason & Karin Hensley, May 20, 2006

My husband and I highly recommend Bay Area Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres and K.C. Entertainment for all your special event needs. Thank you so much for such a wonderful job! You guys are awesome. Larry and I are so glad you could be a part of our wedding. Thank you for helping to make it such a special day! Larry's Dad, Larry Senior, was so impressed by you two. He thinks you both are just great, as do we. Thanks again for such a wonderful job. You were so completely professional, yet you have fun working at the same time. You got all your guests excited! Sincerely,Larry & Marhsha Hinsley 8-5-06 wedding

Dear D.J.Rick... I appreciate your patience and sense of fun which helped to make the stress of the wedding a fun, memorable & enjoyable time. You & Bobbie are a fun and enjoyable team. I can't tell you the immense relief I felt to have your help ! Your fun loving attitude and vast knowledge of music made the afternoon flow better than we imagined. We loved your impersonation of Elvis for our final dance. It was the "creme de la creme" to remember our special day ! Ron & Cyndi

Dear Rick and Bobbie - We simply cannot thank you enough for your amazing DJ service at our wedding! All of our guests still talk about how much fun they had. You guys really know how to get the party started - we had seriously never seen some of our relatives dance until that day. I didn't even know my 74 year old grandmother could move like that! We also loved how the wedding coordinator kept everything moving and handled things so smoothly.Until we found you guys, we weren't even sure that we could afford a DJ. Everyone else we spoke with was not only twice the price, but had half the personality. We would highly recommend your truly professional service for any event - and hope to use you for my husband's 30th birthday party next year. Thank you for making our wedding not only a special occasion, but a real party! Kim and Jason, Married October 7, 2006

Rick Torres astonished our company and the Hotel staff who catered our event. We had the Ultimate Elvis Tribute show which was a very impressive:"WE DELIVER LAS VEGAS!"type show. I had to ask how long it takes to rehearse with the lighting Technician, and found out all the lighting was set- up in advance with computerized automation. OMG! Hightech! In passing one of the staff members commented to me that there was another Elvis Impersonator there on December 11 and did not even come close to the Look or performance he saw at our show. We could not be more pleased with the service we received and will use Rick Torres and King Creole Entertainment for future Events. -- Ruth C, Fremont, CA, 12/12/2009

Amazing talented Entertainer and what a great performance. Rick brought us all back 20 years to a time when we danced and sang with the most talented king of rock and roll. Rick entertained us for 2 hours singing,mingling. Faces were mesmerized! He not only was the best I have ever seen on stage, and I have seen many, but also how he really worked the crowd to get them involved.Rick Torres brought down the house. To anyone interested in hiring him if you want my opinion Please call if you need to speak with me. We will be using him for to big business events in 2010 and our dept. in charge will be calling for availability soon. Respectfully sent Gary Cockrell -- Gary C, Foster City, CA, 12/13/2009

We are still getting calls for his information from people who did not get his cards. He had a fun time with Rick who is without a doubt the best Elvis Impersonator any of us has ever seen. The Bay Areas number 1 Elvis impersonator is not broad enough!! He quite a bit more than that I think. A few of the guest go to Hot August Nights in Reno and they said he was much better than Elvis Impersonators they have seen there. -- Dania D, San Francisco, CA, 1/9/2010

I was really interested in hiring the best Elvis for this birthday, and among all the Elvis impersonators on this site Bay areas Elvis impersonator Rick Torres was without a doubt the most impressive. He is obviously the most booked and for a good reason. I have to say now after watching him perform that he was the best choice, and was as impressive in person as I hoped. He has all the attitude to pull it off ,and a fantastic voice -- Randy G, Stockton, CA, 1/12/2010

Hey there Elvis! THANK YOU!THANK YOU! for making this little birthday get together so fabulous!Its been over a week, and people are still telling me that you did such an excellent job.Thank you for really coming in and doing an excellent job channeling Elvis!!Not only was your presentation great,but the delivery was amazing.You really worked rowdy group too!.The extra add ons for your packge aka the gold sunglasses and autographed birthday scarf went over well too.They will remain keepsakes and conversation pieces for years to come. I look forward to another Elvis related event where we can have the excuse to invite you back. Warmest Regards,Laura LaBine -- Laura L, San Francisco, CA, 1/8/2010

I heard about Bay Area Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres when I was on my way to work, and I was listening to 98.5 KFOX Greg Kihn morning show. He was on there being interviewed for Elvis Birthday, and he was doing a benefit concert for Stanford. He just sounded like a fun guy, and he could really sing well! I could tell by the D.Js that he was real good as well. Had to have him at our party, and he was a blast! It was a party that all will remember. I cant express enough to whomever is looking for an Elvis impersonator to hire him. -- Angela Q, Oakland, CA, 12/19/2009

I was hearing about this sound system that was going to be used, and I thought well if you show up 15 minutes before you perform how does that work? I could now believe the sound that was achieved from this portable system. Elvis assistant comes in and hits the button and POW!! It was like a concert in there!! From the blind Elvis was singing, and all the while people are thinking, cool its an Elvis song! Then he appeared in the doorway and it was magical! This Elvis Quickie service is the best! Rick was fantastic! -- Martha W, San Francisco, CA, 1/14/2010

Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres was so good he made some of the girls cry! I swear it was just an amazing experience,and we just had the best time with Rick! Bay areas supreme king!! I think we are going to hire him for our Christmas party along with the D.J. services they have too. I passed all the information to my company. -- Merissa C, San Jose, CA, 1/8/2010

Many thanks from eBay inc. to King Creole Entertainment and Rick Torres for the fantastic Elvis Quickie present to one of our employees. It is a very well designed service with lots to offer. I was very impressed with the portable self contained sound system they used and the advanced technology that went into it. Incredible sound! He Designed it, and I told him he should market it! The performance was so much fun, and the songs he picked for me were very suitable for the occasion. We will definitely use the services again.. -- Robert S, San Jose, CA, 12/23/2009

Ok first things first!!! Got to say Rick Torres has a very nice looking hum hum in those 68 leather jeans!!! LOL! Fantastic performance, and he is such a great guy just like the King. Everyone wants to see him again at some future party next year. I will be contacting him in the near future to discuss that. He is such a dynamic entertainer! Everyone who is looking for an Elvis Impersonator needs to stop right here. -- Teresa V, Santa Clara, CA, 12/4/2009

Happy New Year Rick! I know your somewhere making people smile! Thank you again for yet another of many successful performance you have given us through the years. We will always call on you for the best Elvis shows Ever! See you in the summer and also next Christmas! -- Sheryll M, San Jose, CA, 12/18/2009
This was a very successful party mostly due to the spectacular show put on By Rick Torres and the crew of King Creole Entertainment. I could go on to say if you want to assure your event is completely successful, this is a great company to use for D.J. services.They just make the evening flow. Ricks performance was seamless in its presentation, and you can tell the show was well thought out. I am sure there are other Elvis impersonators out there, but I would strongly recommend Rick Torres, will and continue to use his services. He is the best!! -- Evelyn V, San Jose, CA, 12/11/2009

We loved the performance! All I heard is excellent reviews about how he looked, sang, performed, and even talked like Elvis! We were honored he could attend our new years event, and we will continue to express to others to use him in the future. Sincerely yours, Marlon June Massersk -- Helio Q, Vacaville, CA, 12/31/2009
Just got home from visiting the folks and I want to take a minute to express my appreciation to Rick Torres for taking the time to make a last minute appearance at our home. He was without question the best! I hired him, and I was still surprised by the appearance! Chris -- Chris L, San Jose, CA, 12/22/2009
Maggianos Little Italy in Santana Row was spellbound by the energized and realistic performance of Bay Areas Number one Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres! He is very Talented with a great voice,personality, and has a new fan right here! His hype and all I have read about him is well deserved. See you at Hot August Night Rick! -- Stacy G, Campbell, CA, 12/5/2009

Dear Rick, WOW!!! You are an unbelieveably amazing entertainer!! I have recommended you to all my friends and family members.So you should be hearing from so many future fans anytime soon, Thank you again for making my dear friends 50th birthday such a special occassion. Your devoted fan, Nita Abello E2 ICU Nurse Organizer Stanford Hospital and Clinics -- Juanita A, San Jose, CA, 12/3/2009

It was a Last minute decision to book Rick Torres when one of my family called me and alerted me to this site. He was very impressive on your website, and the decision was very easy and unanimous to hire him. It was a fantastic appearance, and something my mother who turned 80 will carry with her all her days. She was very impressed with his singing and appearance as were all the guest who attended the party. We would strongly recommend his services!Thanks Elvis! -- David C, Fremont, CA, 11/22/2009

The decision was made at short notice, but we were so pleased that Rick Torres was able to free up the time to perform at our Vegas Homecoming. From all the options seen we were really hoping he was available. Many of the Kids took pictures with him and were very impressed with the performance. His appearance was a fabulous addition! -- Loraine W, San Jose, CA, 11/20/2009

Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres successfully performed our wedding ceremony as well as a few songs for the crowd of 120 guest. Upon booking He asked me questions about how me met and our lives together and created a beautiful ceremony based on what I told him. We did a casino reception with the King on top. He was without a doubt the excellent choice for us and I cannot see anyone I looked at prior to booking him that impressed me like he did. -- Monica S, Livermore, CA, 11/11/2009

Man was that a blast!! It was a great hanging out with the King! Since he dident have any pressing engagements following our appearance we had Rick stay another hour and sing some more songs. He made an impression on everyone at the party. He really knows how to belt out the tunes, and he really changed the atmosphere as soon as he arrived. We want to have him renew our wedding vows next year, and since he is ordained one of my sister in laws is considering him to officiate her wedding Vegas Style! Rick is Numero Uno! -- Mark O, Lathrop, CA, 10/27/2009

We had the King Creole Rick Torres show up in the black leather 1968 comeback suit and perform songs Elvis performed at that 68 show. Heartbreak hotel, Hound Dog, all Shook, cant help falling in love, and Love me tender, My mother who is a E fan to put it lightly said it was like watching the 68 comeback concert in 3D! Very fun, also entertaining. -- Joanne M, Stockton, CA, 10/24/2009

I had a few minutes to send this before work, and I dident want to wait to long to submit this so here it goes! All The Testimonials about this entertainer are 100 percent! We had a spotlight performance at our wedding and decided on 1956 Rock a Billy gold Lame which under that spotlight was very cool and sparkly! Rick Torres was dynamic! Many guest were just beside themselves during and after the performance. Everyone loved it! It was a fantastic addition to kick off the evening to come. Hire the best! Hire Rick Torres! -- Karen E, Piedmont, CA, 10/24/2009

Rick is the Number 1 Elvis! We would have had him perform all night if we could. Everyone loved his energetic performance. Our Halloween party was transformed by his performance, and it went high gear from that point. Very handsome guy, and all the girls agreed he was very Elvis. He has those eyes goin on. We could have not done better by our decision to use him. -- Mike And Suzy D, Manteca, CA, 10/23/2009
I had no idea how to surprise someone in a crowded restaurant but King Creole did. Everyone at the party talked the entire time how terrific the appearance aka The Elvis Quickie was. Not to mention over and over again how impressive Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres was and is. We had quite a few people at the restaurant ask for contact information after they left. At least 10 so he should be getting some calls. -- Phil C, San Leandro, CA, 10/23/2009

He was on the dot - arrived at he venue on time. He did make follow up calls - calling me several times to see to it that everything is ok as scheduled. Very professional and accomodating to our guest. He did an excellent performance to the satisfaction of the celebrant and all my guests. -- Roberto B, South San Francisco, CA, 10/17/2009

5 Stars and All Thumbs Up!! Great Appearance! -- Pat S, Santa Clara, CA, 10/17/2009

Rick was so much fun. He made our event more successful and even acted as one of the judges for the contest. Thank you again for a great performance. -- Lindsey V, Moraga, CA, 10/14/2009

Sorry E about all the confusion, we appreciate your going with the flow with all our last minute request. The appearance was so much fun and entertaining for all the guest. fantastic voice! And everyone just though you really looked the part! It is my pleasure to send this feedback reply. -- Robert B, San Jose, CA, 10/10/2009

GREAT! SHOW! When Elvis performed at our party, the Hawaiian dance group we hired said, O my God that is Rick Torres! We have seen him perform before! You got the Best Elvis around!! Can we perform with him during a song? My husband was thrilled when you said yes and performed Rock a hula and Blue Hawaii with the Background Hawaiian dancers, as much as they were. This was unexpected as the Hawaiian dancers were a bit early and overlapped Ricks appearance. A Day to Remember! -- Hellen L, Milpitas, CA, 10/10/2009
We could not be more please. This was a second performance we used Elvis impersonator Rick Torres of King Creole Entertainment. Both previous shows have been day time performances. We are now looking to do an evening performance to book his ultimate Elvis Tribute performance with a spotlight and the choreographed light show he has available. Looks cool on his site. Cant wait to see in person -- Renee C, Pacifica, CA, 10/10/2009

It was very cold outside show! Windy and cold! Rick performed on the outside deck like it was the a perfect summer evening. Not fazed by the fact that most of the group was blue lipped! LOL! He is a perfect example of the phrase, THE SHOW MUST GO ON! People started interacting with him and dancing around, and then we started feeling the summer too! Superb Performance! -- Uschi J, Menlo Park, CA, 10/3/2009
The 50 year Reunion of Mountain View High School Class of 1959 wishes to express the most sincere thanks for the fantastic performance by Elvis aka Rick Torres. It was a great step into the past from an Entertainer we grew up with ,and Rick was the highlight of the evening!! -- Fidel L, Mountain View, CA, 10/3/2009

Last minute booking although I have use Rick Torres for other events. I sincerely appreciate him putting something special together at short notice and making the skate party even more special. Thank you again, we will be in touch for something in December -- Dennis S, San Jose, CA, 9/27/2009

Without a doubt from the 150 plus people at Saturdays big 50 party for my sister, the highlight of the evening was the performance provided by Rick Torres of King Creole Entertainment!! With everyone surrounding him, he had about a 5x5 area for his performance and exploded like a white fringed firecracker with spins, kicks, dips and a sexy smile. My sister along with all the other gals were in love. His voice is really something to hear in person. I would suggest to pick Unchained Melody. It was my fave, and made me cry -- Leslie P, Redwood City, CA, 9/19/2009

Rick was totally awesome - everyone loved him! Even the younger crowd who are into hip-hop & par music loved Rick. My guest of honor (my sister the birthday girl who turned 50) was totally thrilled with Rick and his music. I would highly recommend Rick to anyone for their event. And I would certainly hire him again for my next event! Thank you and Rick for making my party a total sucess! Terrie Martinez -- Terrie M, San Jose, CA, 9/19/2009

We loved the appearance! The Elvs quickie was fun! LOL! Thats a great name for a singing telegram. -- Tomomi I, Tiburon, CA, 9/19/2009

A good friend hire Rick to perform for her mothers birthday. I wanted to see him perform and she told me the performance he did for my mom or 1 song of it is actually on MySpace just go to Google an put in MySpace Elvis at a Birthday Party in Modesto California and look for MySpace videos Ricks Videos. I was sold, and he was even better in person. We had a last minute time chance and Rick was very cool about it. Cool all around!! Hire this one ladies. -- Angeli T, Modesto, CA, 9/18/2009

I had to call Rick after the performance to ask him if most of the senior events he does starts with the attendees being bothered by the sound, and how in the heck did he turn all those frowns into smiles so quickly during the performance. He said, it dosent happen often,but all you have to do is really love everyone in the room and mean it. They will respond to that. I have to say I have never seen anyone do a spin like that. Rick is very exceptional entertainer, and we loved him back -- Candace B, Los Altos, CA, 9/9/2009

I would literally look for reasons to throw parties just to treat my friends again to another amazing performance by Bay areas best Elvis Rick Torres! I would have him perform in a different suit and perform different songs so it would be a new performance every time. We are now planning a benefit concert on my property where we will have him do his Ultimate Elvis Tribute service. Should be a sight to see, and I can wait. See you in a few months King! -- Sheryll M, San Jose, CA, 9/5/2009

Got this feedback and had to add on to this impressive list already existing. My cousin has been to Graceland a few times during Elvis week and he said Rick was one of the best he has seen. Rick modestly replied, well thank you, I do the best I can. His best was more than good enough!! He belted out 4 of my mothers favorite songs and really made her day. Thank you Rick, I hope we will see you again when your performing in the city. -- Sophia R, San Francisco, CA, 9/5/2009

WOW! and WOW some more! I have used Rick Torres for my wedding, a karaoke party, and my 10 year reunion for D.J. services. I have always been interested in having him do an Elvis appearance someday. I could not believe how talented he is. He also gets totally in character, even when speaking to me. He really is number one for all the reasons I have read in his very impressive list of Testimonials..Thanks again King! We will see you again soon! -- Allison O, San Jose, CA, 8/30/2009

Professional, on time, and worth it. Thank you for an amazing Job -- Barbara H, Oakland, CA, 8/29/2009
My Mother was memorized!!! For all you who read this, there is no way there is any Elvis impersonator around who can beat this service or magnitude that Rick puts into his performance! Fantastic moves with high kicks, beautiful voice oh my god dont get me started on that, and just a very modest and sincere person. It was the best, and I know my mother will cherish the memories forever. -- Mary R, San Jose, CA, 8/28/2009

The Reviews were very favorable. We will be using the services of Bay areas number 1 Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres at future events guaranteed. We will also be passing on his information to all our affiliates to consider for their events. Thanks for a great afternoon! -- Amy F, Mountain View, CA, 8/21/2009
Everyone Loved the Performance and he was a hit with all the residence who attended. His suit and look was very authentic. You could tell it was very professional Thanks again for a great job. -- Rick A, Tracy, CA, 8/15/2009

On Behalf of the staff and the residence at The Villa Serena, we would like to express the sincere thanks to Elvis impersonator Rick Torres. He was so charming, humble, very talented, and also very sexy and flirtatiously fun! Doing what he does seems to come very naturally and convincing as well. Everyone was asking when he might come back again. -- Lilly G, Salinas, CA, 8/7/2009

There was lots of Strangers.Her friends,my friends, her family, my family,college buddies on both sides etc.People sat with the people they knew.There wasent any interaction between groups.It was sort of like different parties going on under the same roof. You came, that all ended. Everybody got up together,and got excited and talked to strangers. Nobody sat for the rest of the night.After you left people stayed on the dance floor. While the DJ stopped playing music,5 hours.You were great with Mattie,and all the folks who took pictures with you.You went beyond the call of duty! -- Kevin O, Fremont, CA, 8/1/2009

Throughout the day and evening a large amount of the 500 plus people who attended our Hot August Nights in Sunnyvale celebration said that Rick Torres was the most realistic Elvis they ever saw. He is an incredible entertainer! The Mayor attended the performance as well and personally walked over to him to discuss with him doing a performance at a upcoming event he is hosting. Two unbelievable performances today!! -- Vince P, Sunnyvale, CA, 8/1/2009

Hello DJ Rick!I just want to Thank you and King Creole Entertainment for making my husbands 60th birthday party the best!!! Elvis Tribute ever!!Exceeded our expectations and beyond. Everybody at the party ,said it was fantastic and loved it. The next day they were still talking about it. We cannot wait for the next celebration or party to have them back. We would recommend DJ Rick and King Creole Entertainment for any celebration or party,we love him, HE IS THE BEST EVER. Love Frank and Renee Crisci -- Renee C, Half Moon Bay, CA, 7/21/2009

It was a surprise that nobody will forget. He is the Best Elvis!!! I have seen Elvis impersonators from Reno, S. Lake Tahoe, and one here in Sacramento, Rick Torres was on the voice, the attitude, the moves, and the overall performance was, to put it in one word, ELVIS! We are so glad we hired him! If you are looking for the best Elvis dont settle for less! Rick Torres you are the King man! Thanks you so much! -- Jenuahi H, Sacramento, CA, 7/20/2009

It certainly is my pleasure to leave a feedback. We all love the performance and Rick was all I expected. He wore the aqua blue vine suit to the performance which was just made in time for our appearance. During the 4 song performance, My wife got a beautiful scarf and Gold Elvis Glasses as keepsakes. The Elvis quickie services is fantastic and we are considering it for another show in San Jose. -- Chris H, Pleasanton, CA, 7/19/2009

Hi Rick You were amazing!The Ultimate Elvis Tribute was a great addition to our relay for life. You had hundreds of women falling in love with you! I had one of the ladies, who was too nervous to come up for a scarf, tell me later that when I dragged her across the track to your arms it was one of the highlights of her life. She is 80 years old. We will definitely use you in future events and refer anyone looking for Elvis to you. Thanks for your support of our cause and your fabulous show. Mary Ellen Forrest Co Chair, Relay For Life Pacifica -- Mary Ellen F, Pacifica, CA, 7/18/2009

On Time,and on his game! Everyone was impressed with the performance!!! The best of any Elvis Impersonator I researched prior to booking him. -- Sandra F, Napa, CA, 7/17/2009
It was a very special anniversary Day! Funny ceremony created and performed by Rick Torres was filled with facts about the two guest of honor making it even more special!! -- Diane L, Walnut Creek, CA, 7/11/2009

A fantastic Entertainer! This is our third time using Ricks services, and we will be hiring him for future events! -- Mary H, Black Hawk, CA, 7/4/2009

hower were shocked and very excited to have Elvis come to the party. What a surprise for the bride to be. Everyone enjoyed his performance and were having a lot of fun. He was so kind to everyone letting them take picture after picture which are all a scream. Thanks again Rick, you were a total hit. -- Joyce C, Los Gatos, CA, 7/3/2009

Hello Rick and Gigmaters! Your Service is right on! We had an awesome time! But we all agreed, that the pictures you have on the website dont do Rick justice, in person was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter ah, better!!! LOL Thank you for making this such a memorable experience. The singing, the suit, everything was exactly what we wanted. We will definitely use your services again whenever we feel the need for Elvis! The Girls at RFI -- Sara O, San Jose, CA, 6/30/2009

The performance was fantastic for my group and the 100 plus spectators around the park who witnessed it as well! The highlight of the performance I have to say is when he sang, YOU LOST THAT LOVING FEELING. People were cheering everywhere!! Afterwards 10 people from other picnics at various times in the day asked me for his contact information, and said he was amazing!! Rick Torres is the best!! -- Denise V, Fremont, CA, 6/27/2009

Absolutely wonderful!! We have had performers come in the past and he was the best by far. He was easy to work with and was willing to do almost anything we asked. Our party was a birthday party for 6 year old twins and he was wonderful with everyone from them up to their grandparents. Even some of the other kids who didn't know who Elvis was truly enjoyed the show. His costume was impeccable and his appearance completely had you believing it was Elvis. He had a wonderful personality and put everyone at ease. Even our photo shy uncle wanted his picture with him! I would hire him again in a minute. -- Michelle T, Rohnert Park, CA, 6/27/2009

We all had a ridiculously good time!! Talked about it all night! And this morning too, when my sister woke me up to relive it all over again! She even pulled out all her old Elvis records! Shes ridiculous! Its all your fault! All shes been talking about is how you sang to her, kissed her, flirted with her, etc. Oh man, it was a very good time and the people in the restaurant were all commenting about you and what a great show you put on! Even the band said something to us when we walked over there to dance afterwards!The performance was much more than I expected. Thank you forever! Margarite Avendano -- Margarite A, Pacifica, CA, 6/27/2009

Very Talented! None better!!! -- Valerie P, San Jose, CA, 6/20/2009
We all thought his performance was depictive of Elvis in personality. energy, costume, appearance, and his voice was equally impressive. Because he has no pressing engagements to go to immediately afterwards, we had him stay and perform more songs. He was very accommodating and such a delightful addition to our gathering. -- Susi B, Oakland, CA, 6/17/2009

Ladies and gentleman! The ULTIMATE ELVIS TRIBUTE SHOW !!! We opted to have a 45 minute deluxe Elvis tribute show with a synchronized light show option during the performance. Very impressive, and met with a standing ovation! When Rick, and his crew got set up they were testing the sound, lights, and all . Rick was singing as he walked the room checking his microphone reception. I had to walk up to him to see if it was really him singing. Man is he good! Definitely close to the genuine article in my book. Many show options to give you the flexibility to arrange exactly what you want, and will work with your budget. Thanks again for a impressive evening! -- Robert H, Oakland, CA, 6/14/2009

Rick was the highlight of my husband's surprise birthday party. He was spot-on Elvis! There were 30 guests and he connected with all of them. He stayed afterwards so that everyone could get a picture with him. He was very professional with the contracting process, follow ups prior to the date and during his performance. Book him-you'll love him! -- Marthe T, Cupertino, CA, 6/13/2009

My Mom loved it! Completely Loved it! I know she just sat there watching at first but, she was in a complete state of shock! Everyone was trilled, and commented for hours on the performance, beautiful costume, great songs, and all the great pictures you gave us! You are California King! -- Kristine G S, Pleasanton, CA, 6/13/2009

I called Rick with 1 days notice after hearing about his fantastic performance in Visalia from a mutual friend who attended the performance. Rick has got to be the best Elvis I have ever seen!! He also, helped me pick the suit, songs, scarf color, and illustration for the scarf. You can see by the Elvis Quickie service which is the minimum performance offered, that he takes allot into consideration to creating a special experience for you. You really can feel that Elvis show concert feeling! I can only imagine what a tribute show through them would feel like. We are actually considering it for a family reunion next year. -- Tony H, Fresno, CA, 5/31/2009

Rick Torres was very, very entertaining as Elvis. Dressed beautifully and sang great!!! Was very accomodating to all the ladies at my party for pictures and hugs!!! He even danced with some of the gals!!! He made my birthday party very special! Thank you!! Cindy Good Visalia, Ca. -- Cynthia G, Visalia, CA, 5/29/2009

All my mom talks about is Elvis. If it was too much before the flood gates are wide open now! It was everything just to keep her in her seat during the appearance. The Elvis quickie is the best, and we highly recommend Elvis impersonator Rick Torres!! -- Diana L, Stocton, CA, 5/23/2009

Ricks performance was awesome! We had a contest with various departments we did a Vegas theme. We won first place because people had so much fun in our Theme,and of course with Rick Torres. Not only is he an all around good guy and great to do business with, but his performance was outstanding. He made the ladies blush and the guys move their feet! Even our executives were climbing on the desks to get a better view. I look forward to doing business with Rick again and highly recommend him. -- Rebecca R, San Francisco, CA, 5/20/2009

Hired Rick again to perform at Birthday party.Had a great time! -- Rhonda J, Fremont, CA, 5/16/2009
Rick Torres is all that. 2 great performances at the club. We are looking to have him back in a few weeks. -- Preston T, Burlingame, CA, 5/14/2009

Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres has to be the best, and I will tell you why. My Mother has got to be the biggest Elvis fan on the planet! She has a room 10 by 10 just pack with Elvis keepsakes ,and stuff she collected at his concerts. She just wept through the entire show, and kept saying, oh my god your incredible to him. When he left my mom said he was very gifted and she was putting the pictures and the scarf he gave her in her Elvis room. I was so happy I hired him. It was more special than I could have imagined it would be. -- Valerie S, San Jose, CA, 5/10/2009

UNBELIEVABLE PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!! What a Fantastic Performance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mahalo Rick! I can see why so many people hire you. Everyone wished you could say a sing a few more but I told them, you had to go and swoon a few more girls today. Loved you so much! -- Nancy M, Fremont, CA, 5/9/2009

Rick Torres was very accomadating and responded quickly to my request. It was my mother's 70th birthday, and although she is a conservative lady, Rick made her feel great. He really knows how to break the ice and sees to it that everybody has fun. My aunts were dancing and they all had a blast. They will never forget this event, especially my mother. This made her 70th the most memorable. Also, although he did not have to do this, because I live in LA and was unable to be there, he sent me pictures and video clips of all the songs he sang. He deserves all the great reviews I had read about him. -- Mike H, San Jose, CA, 5/9/2009

The performance was at the bank. Everyone stopped to enjoy the show! -- Rhonda J, Fremont, CA, 5/9/2009
Velvet Grill and Creamery will never be the same Rick rocked the place with his gold lame and blue swede shoes!! We were outside taking pictures, and people were pulling into the parking lot just to take a picture with the best Elvis impersonator! Looked and sounded Astounding. -- Alexandra R, Modesto, CA, 5/2/2009
Fantastic Service and Performance! -- Paige P, Windsor, CA, 4/25/2009

Thank you so much! Rick Torres is everything we expected and more! The Elvis quickie was just perfect! We had 30 kids and parents who were so impressed that when he finished they rushed him for photographs! He has the coolest sound system with this L.E.D. Elvis sign on top. It sounds like a very nice house stereo but it is portable with a wireless microphone, and runs on its own power. Rick said he had it custom made specifically for the Elvis Quickie. So professional!! I have to say after he left most of the people at first thought he was lip-syncing, but quickly realized he was not. What a voice!! -- Tracy B, San Anselmo, CA, 4/25/2009

My Grammy Gram went over like a bomb in the house! The Rock a Billy 20 minute Elvis quickie was just amazing and we are so grateful to the best Elvis around Rick Torres for bringing Elvis back to my 80 year old grandmother who just loves Elvis! He was so smooth in all the hip swings and hand movements. His voice we knew was going to be great thanks to all the examples on this site and his own personal site. Top performer and service !!!!! -- Anthony A, Fremont, CA, 4/18/2009

If there was ever a meaning of the term inspirational entertainer it certainly pertains to Ricks performance last weekend at our event. Women wept and swooned as he approached them! I could not believe the effect he had on the audience! We had one of the Ultimate Tribute Shows. Ultimate is another word that sums it well! Rick ran out of business cards and started writing his information on napkins. He signed the napkins for a good time call Elvis! LOL! I Love it! -- Evelyn V, San Jose, CA, 3/21/2009

Rick was truly "THE KING" impersonator, he catered to all our needs and requests for special songs. The Birthday girl (70 years young)was very surprised as were the rest of the guests by his proessional performance. Many said it was better than some shows they had seen in Las Vegas. Many asked for his number as they would use Rick in the future. It was great that he stayed and made sure everyone got a picture with him. Thanks again Aleta and Tom. -- Aleta M, Pleasanton, CA, 3/1/2009

It was a small but memorable ceremony. Rick Torres was our Officiate and Elvis Impersonator. He was just so incredible to work with. We had to reschedule a few times due to family conflicts, and he was always so understanding and accommodating. We really felt like he cared allot about what we were trying to do and not just doing it as a job. He is the type of individual you dont come across often. He is an over and above very exceptional performer! -- Angelina N, Manteca, CA, 2/18/2009

I was at a Wedding in El Cerrito, and was so impressed with Rick Torres, we booked him for our Valentines function on the 14th. I have received so many calls and emails about him, and the outstanding Job, and performance he and his co. provided. Rick Torres and King Creole Entertainment are pure magic, and a guaranteed Hit! -- Eva G, Richmond, CA, 2/14/2009

Hi Rick and Bobbie, Thanks for being the best part of a PERFECT fifties themed 60th birthday celebration! Thanks to you, the party was even better than I had hoped. The 50s and 60s music and Elvis performance were perfect and really made the party the celebration that it was. We attended two weddings in the last year, each had a DJs. One DJ was obnoxious and one DJ was boring. You two were such fun! People are already saying we had the party of the year! Thank you. -- Jean B, Livermore, CA, 2/7/2009
Previously, we had hired Rick for our benefit and this was a private party. In his typical fashion he was sensational! None better! -- Susan M, Palo Alto, CA, 1/31/2009

Rick Torres is a guaranteed Hit!!! This is what I was told when I mentioned to a friend that I looking for a very accomplished Elvis Impersonator for an appearance to sing a few songs. Rick Torres is the best! I will be using him again without a doubt. Sincerely, Debbie Martindale -- Vince P, Sunnyvale, CA, 1/10/2009
Thanks to Rick Torres Our fundraiser Goals were met 3 times over! His radio interview with KFOX was just the best!! We are planning a larger show in August. Rick Torres and King Creole Entertainment will be our first call. Excellent performance Elvis! -- Susan M, Palo Alto, CA, 1/8/2009

Heard about Rick Torres The Elvis Impersonator from a friend who saw him perform in San Francisco at a benefit concert. This guy is incredible! We will be booking again for next year. Fantastic! -- Sheryll M, San Jose, CA, 12/19/2008

I would highly recommend Bay Area's #1 Elvis Impersonator Rick Torres. He gave us the EXACT show we needed for our corporate event. As a result, the performance was a BIG hit with all of our employees. Rick has unparalleled talent and professionalism... and best of all, he has contagious passion and enthusiasm. Rick, there's a reason why you are #1. Thank you for an excellent performance. -- Jen J, San Jose, CA, 12/17/2008

That Elvis quickie service is just the greatest idea! This is the second time I used King Creole Entertainment. Definitely worth the money and the performance provided was seamless and well performed. Rick Torres is excellent. I would definitely call again for this service It is a great gift for any occasion. Thanks again. -- Dennis S, San Jose, CA, 12/15/2008

We had King Creole over for our Christmas party. We opted for his Ultimate Elvis Tribute package. It was like a Las Vegas Show! With lasers, spotlight, brilliant stage lighting effects,and scarves! Everything was perfect! And the best show in our history of partys according to all that attended. To put in one word WOW!!!!! -- Shelby K, Sunnyvale, CA, 12/13/2008

We were thoroughly entertained! We could not be more pleased! Our Christmas party with D.J. Rick/Elvis came off with everyone saying man this was the best year ever! You gotta call this guy again! We certainly will be doing just that! -- Elise B, Gilroy, CA, 12/6/2008

What we got was exactly what I had expected in reading in his countless testimonials for about 30 minutes prior to making a decision to hire him. Our employees as well as myself just loved him. His voice and singing style is ELVIS! Give him a call! -- Tracy H, San Jose, CA, 12/6/2008

He was the best! We went from a crowd of 25 to 100 as soon as he started singing. People coming out of other stores stayed and enjoyed the utterly fantastic performance! Thank you so much. He must have taken a few hundred pictures with the crowd. -- Lisa C, San Ramon, CA, 12/6/2008

My Mother is the Biggest Elvis fan! To put it another way, she has seen more than her share of the local Elvis Impersonators. To surprise her I started looking for another one when I came upon the Gig Master Site. Rick Torres appeared to be the most logical choice. His reputation and feedback was so impressive, it was a guaranteed homer! My Mother was in disbelief to how great he was! Better than any she has seen in decades.3 hours after he left the party he was still the topic of most of the conversation in the room. Thank you Rick Torres and Gig Masters. -- Brenda H, San Luis Obispo, CA, 11/29/2008

This was such a fantastic service. I was so happy with the Elvis appearance as was my family. Thank you again! -- Christine L, San Jose, CA, 11/28/2008

I have been trying to find a moment to send you this testimonial, and I want to say it is my absolute pleasure to do so. Rick Torres is a true professional, and he without a doubt loves what he does. The Appearance was to be a complete surprise for those who attended the party, and I cannot believe how happy everyone was that I hired him. Rick was off the scale. Also you need something higher than a 5 in your rating. He Rocks!!! -- Paul F, Redwood City, CA, 11/26/2008

Such a unbelievable performance! The Elvis Quickie service was the service we decided on. To be honest we were expecting some kind of boom box and a cute little appearance. When they came in with this completely impressive self powered mobile system, and his assistant turned on the system proceeded by Elvis, the party just went pandemonium! That 20 minutes seem to last longer. It was definitely a hard act to follow for the band who proceeded him. We read all about the past performance but it is really something to see in person! Thank you so much! -- Tom D, San Mateo, CA, 11/23/2008

THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU! Your show was by far the BEST program we have used as entertainment for our group BAR NONE! You made new fans of people in the audience who have never even seen Elvis! The professionalism of yourself, your crew and your equipment was TOP NOTCH! Your renditions, moves and stage presence truly involks the essence that was Elvis Presley and recreates that magic LIVE ON STAGE! you are truly, The KING! -- Robert A, San Francisco, CA, 11/22/2008

I have had a few let downs hiring Entertainers, but I can begin to explain in the text time allowed for this feedback how completely please we are with D.J. Rick/Elvis and King Creole Entertainment. Everything was fantastic! The D.J. Services combined with Karaoke, and a memorable visit from the King Himself! This has got to be the best entertainment co. around! We danced and sang through the evening and when it was over we must have thanked him 20 times. Heres one more thank you so much Rick for an incredible evening! -- Melinda W B, San Francisco, CA, 11/21/2008

Rick! Thanks again! it was wonderful!!! It was a huge surprise and hit for everyone! Just like we wanted it to be! We appreciated your involvement and flexibility. All the testimonials we read to how talented and incredible you were are definitely right on the mark! Thanks very much! -- Jackie S, Livermore, CA, 11/18/2008

Rick was totally great-on time, looking good, good looking, and our guests really enjoyed him. He was accommodating in taking photos and greeting our guests, also he is very convincing in his role, and a very down to earth person. I would most definitely recommend him. We will use him again without a doubt thanks -- Theresa S, San Mateo, CA, 11/15/2008

Rick "Elvis" was amazing. Very flexible to our needs and worked the party like a true rock star! I would recommend Rick in a heart beat, he is the BEST! AMAZING PERFORMANCE! everyone LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!! Thank you for bringing life to the party and in true form, Elvis was really "in" the building. The ceremony, songs, and over all performance blew us and our friends away! It will be a party to remember! thank you, ah...thank you very much! Amanda & Eric Kuehnl -- Amanda G, Berkeley, CA, 11/8/2008

I didn’t actually see him perform, I booked the services for a friend but I heard that he was sensational from everyone that was there. I know that most there wanted his contact information for future appearances. Abby is a big Elvis fan, and she said he was the best Elvis impersonator she has seen anywhere. -- Sean S, Santa Cruz, CA, 11/7/2008

We were so pleased with this service! Anybody looking for an Elvis Impersonator? This guy is in every way the best I have seen. So cool! Even when you are just asking Rick where he is from or how he got started he never comes out of character! Same mannerisms as Elvis and everything. Not in a pretend way or like he is trying to sound like him . You feel like you are talking to Elvis. He is so much on his game that he literally brings you into the illusion. Between that and his unreal, Incredible voice it does not take much. Hire the best? Take my word for it, Your definitely there, stop looking. -- Katrina C, Palo Alto, CA, 10/27/2008

I originally booked Rick the Elvis impersonator for 45 minutes to mingle with the guest at the party and sing 8 songs. The 250 plus guest who attended the party were so impressed with him I asked him to stay longer which he gladly did and performed request songs for the guest. He was so into character and his appearance was so genuine that even though everyone was in costume they knew he was an Elvis impersonator and people were standing waiting to take a picture with him or just talk to him. Absolutely the best Elvis I have seen anywhere! My wife and I are big fans of Elvis and have seen many shows both locally in Memphis and Reno. -- Mike C, San Jose, CA, 10/25/2008

The performance was fabulous! Rick/Elvis has a wonderful voice and everyone truly enjoyed the show a great job! -- Teresa E, Saratoga, CA, 10/22/2008

Yes, this testimonial is a pleasure! Rick/Elvis more than meet and exceed our expectations. We trusted Rick to bring us a creative solution for my brothers wedding reception. Rick asked me for some personal information about my brother and his wife, and came up with the agenda to surprise my brother and said he was Elvis the Singing Physic! LOL! They approached him and he starting telling them things about the two of them and coax them into a brief wedding ceremony and then sang them a song. Everything was perfect, funny and fun. Rick was well worth the money, and the memories and pictures will last a lifetime. Thank you Rick! -- Bill H, San Francisco, CA, 10/18/2008

Very! Very! Very! Good At was he does! Was he lip syncing? ah no He is that good! Thanks for everything. -- Sam W, Santa Clara, CA, 10/15/2008

My Mother is such an Elvis fan. She just loved the performance. A great performance, a great guy, very convincing, and everybody in the family was equally impressed. Thank you again!! -- Rosanne A, Daly City, CA, 10/11/2008

He was great everyone loved him. I would highly recommend him to anyone. My daughter was so suprised at her party to see him. Thanks Lorene -- Lorene D, Modesto, CA, 9/13/2008

We were impressed with all the songs and the way you arranged the 3 performances throughout the day. The progression every two hours from 1959 Elvis to 1968 Elvis and then the 1970s Elvis was a great idea. We were impressed how your moves on the stage changed according to the era. Very Cool and it was almost like there was 3 of you LOL! Saying that you are talented is just dosent cover it. We will recommend you without a doubt! -- John R, Santa Rosa, CA, 9/7/2008

What a completely convincing performance! You must really study him, you have the mannerism, stage personality, movements as well as that incredible voice that everyone was so impressed with. The week following your performance we watched a actual performance that Elvis did in a concert and I have to say it again Well done! You give him back to those who loved him. -- Jennifer P, Alameda, CA, 9/6/2008

Thank you Rick, thank you very much, You helped make my parent's 50th wedding Annaversary such a fun and loving party. I recommend you to anyone who wants to have a wonderful, magical, event. We Love ya, bayba. your Pink Poodle Skirt Groupies, Julie, Sarah and Amyrillis -- Julie M, San Jose, CA, 8/30/2008

You WOWED my group, and I know our next project will be even more spectacular! I had a chat with Robin Rosaaen, the gal running the San Jose Elvis fan club. She is apparently someone very famous, as it turns out, having written several books on Elvis as well as appearances on Oprah, Geraldo, etc. She is on board with this January project. She suggested we might want to look at a date earlier than January 8 so that the fans of Elvis can go to Memphis for his birthday. -- Susan M, Stanford, CA, 8/23/2008

Our Hot August Nights kickoff party was a success! You are definately walking aside the Ghost of Elvis. I believe since August 16 1977. LOL. See you next year. -- Debbie G, Pleasanton, CA, 8/21/2008

AMAZING BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Susan C, Mountain View, CA, 8/18/2008

Westmont High school reunion Class of 1968 would like to thank King Creole Entertainment for making it more like 1968 with the 68 comeback special Elvis Appearance. Very authentic and I cant begin to say enough positive things I heard all night about the performance. Now that we know you D.J. as well we hope you will be available for our next reunion. -- Carl T, Santa Clara, CA, 8/16/2008

What we expected for our Elvis appearance was nothing compared to what happened. We were having our party at a private park at the Elks lodge I belong to. Elvis show was a surprise. He pulled up on the lawn by the stage in a 2003 T Bird Convertible and the group just went wild! He performed for 30 minutes and people cheered, danced, girls swooned, and in general stood there with their mouths open in shock! The whole time I was thinking this is the best show I have ever seen! I just had no idea it was going to be that incredible. -- Bill C, Santa Clara, CA, 8/8/2008

It was more than special for Carl & Patti who were celebrating their 50 year anniversary. Rick/Elvis is an exceptional performer! His overall personality and mannerisms just resonate with the spirit of Elvis! Everybody literally gasped when he made the corner into the room with the 2001 Elvis intro playing prior to his appearance. Both Carl and Patti received a scarf illustrated with Happy 50th anniversary Carl and Patti! They both said they with put them in a place of honor with all of their other Elvis memorabilia. Simply Unforgettable and a spectacular service! -- Carl P, Belmont, CA, 8/8/2008

Rick was just wonderful. He played the role of Elvis to a tee, and never once slipped out of character! I hired Rick to surprise my fiance on his 60th birthday. It was a complete hit! We have asked Rick to come back and perform our wedding!! -- Chris C, Walnut Creek, CA, 7/27/2008

Thought it only right I follow up with you. Your performance last night was without question the hit of the party. Forget about meeting expectations, you, Elvis, far exceeded them. Folks are still talking about it this morning and I know of two that will be calling you. Thanks for all the energy you brought to the group, it really was a fantastic show.Definitely a reason why your the best around. -- Greg A, Alamo, CA, 7/25/2008

If you want the BEST!!! OMG!!! Then you should hire Rick the number one Elvis impersonator at King Creole Entertainment. When he walked into the party it like a bomb went off, and the explosion lasted until he left. I stood with my sister who helped me hire him and said, man is that guy hot or what! one word sums it up ELVIS!!!! -- Christina T, San Jose, CA, 7/19/2008

My Mother & Fathers 40 year anniversary was full of surprises. The pivoting point of the afternoon was the momentous appearances by Elvis! King Of Rock and Roll! Cant say enough about it. Thank you so much King Creole Entertainment for all you did for us! -- Claire A, San Ramon, CA, 7/12/2008

You did a great job and sounded great with the Band, The Detours. The gals are still swooning and Your costumes were great. Everyone is still talking about it and so I hope that you will be available again next year. I never start planning until March or April but you will definitely be hearing from me next spring because I would like to put Elvis on as a regular. Thanks again. Mary Hoopes -- Mary H, Danville, CA, 7/4/2008

My Mother Just loved the performance! it was out standing everyone had a great time I would recomend this Elvis to anyone. -- Sean E, Los Banos, CA, 6/29/2008

Thank you for a great performance. The gueats were very pleased. We will call you again for future appearances. -- Kimmy H, Santa Clara, CA, 6/26/2008

Looking forward to your performance at our Hot August nights at Pezzellas De Napoli in Sunnyvale next year! -- Vince P, Sunnyvale, CA, 6/21/2008

"Elvis" was a super hit at our party. His performance was more entertaining than I ever expected. I will find ways to have him return for other events in my family. His blue outfit was awesome. Thanks for making our party something people will never forget ! -- Ann S, Fremont, CA, 6/14/2008

Rick was awesome at accomodating our requests. He did a wonderful job and my Mom was truly surprised. Rick's Elvis show was great and I would highly recommend him. -- Victoria F, San Jose, CA, 6/7/2008

Our office retirement party was great! Everyone had a great time and made it a very special day for our great Elvis fan Connie Garcia! She was so shocked and surprised and really enjoyed the entertainer D.J. Rick Torres. His act was fun and very life like. He is very professional and made if fun for everyone. We all wish we had more time with him. Especially the ladies in the office. Thank you again Rick for the great moment you gave us. It will be one to remember for all. -- Matthew T, San Jose, CA, 5/30/2008

FANTASTIC!!!!!! Everyone especially Peggy the birthday girl was completely entertained with the excellent Elvis performer with King Creole Entertainment. Back in March, he was hired to do a 80 year birthday party for Helen, the mother of my friend Barbara Valencia up in Castro Valley in the first time I saw him, and he was just amazing! I hired a Elvis impersonator from Green Onion singing telegrams once and he was not even half as good as King Creole! I just knew needed find a reason to use him again, and I found one! ! Just Love that good looking Elvis Guy Man! -- Gloria L, Union City, CA, 5/29/2008

We had booked King Creole for two events. One in san Francisco and one the next evening in San Jose for a friend who was having a bachelorette party. Other than myself and Jackie who had to seen him in action the past evening. Knew anything. They went completely wild over him! -- Dina R, San Jose, CA, 5/25/2008

Gig Masters, King Creole Entertainment, and especially Elvis / Rick OMG thank you so much! The Elvis appearance was a BIG hit! I am quite sure Jackie will be talking about this for years to come. As you could probably tell she has discriminating Elvis taste, but she thought you were outstanding and was ESPECIALLY impressed when you whipped out the song, If I Can Dream....she talked about that all night! Everything worked out perfectly! It was hard keeping the secret under wraps! Your services were more than expected and what was needed to start off her 40's with a bang!!! I will definitely call you again , and Im sure many of my friends will to for future events!! Ch -- Dina R, San Francisco, CA, 5/24/2008

WOW! What a fantastic performance! Elvis was great with the crowd and made my husband's 40th birthday party a memory we will never forget! -- Lisa R, Dublin, CA, 5/21/2008

My Mother has seen Elvis 5 times in person. Her and her best friend would go and see him together. I got this idea for her sweet 60 Birthday. I found Rick the Elvis impersonator with King Creole Entertainment, and was extremely impressed with all the Kind words left by his past clients. I will never forget the look on my mothers face. She just love him and thought his recreation of Elvis was just perfect! The entire restaurant was going wild. At least 10 of the customers followed him outside the restaurant just to take a picture with him and asked him to sing a few bars of their favorite song. Which he gladly did. They looked at him like he was Elvis Himself. -- Greg S, Union City, CA, 5/18/2008

Our Elvis encounter was amazing! We hired DJ Rick for our mom's 70th birthday party and couldn't be more impressed. He personally called me to set up the whole show and made sure everything was perfect. He was professional, fun and made a lasting impression. He was so very personable and stayed for dozens of pictures with our family after the show. I'm sure everyone at our party will be talking about him for years to come. My mom said this was the best birthday party she ever had, and Elvis had so much to do with it. Thank you, Elvis! -- April M, San Jose, CA, 5/17/2008

Rick was amazing! He has an uncanny ability to make people feel special and like he's singing just for them. We had about 200 ladies ranging in age from 18-90 at our community event and heard nothing but positive feedback. We honestly can't wait to have him back again. Elvis truly was in the house! I've already had about 20 people ask me where we found him...said they have seen many Elvis performers and that Rick was way better than any they had seen before. THANKS RICK...and Bobbi guys really MADE THE EVENT! I can't thank you enough! Shannon -- Shannon H, Brentwood, CA, 5/9/2008

My girlfriends special day was highlighted by Rick's performance. His professionalism, punctuality and dedication to The King proved to be the icing on the cake of a most memorable event. He sang from the heart and his songs were enjoyed by everyone in attendance. Thank you Rick,we really appreciated the real Elvis in you. Craig and Natty. -- Craig H, San Francisco, CA, 5/4/2008

A true performer, and an excellent singer! My girlfriend loves Elvis, and I just thought this would be a funny thing to do. OMG! It was like Elvis came to life and walked into the park to perform for us! Other parties in the park that day were cheering as he performed, and I stood just in awe as the tears welled up in my Girlfriends eyes. She was just thrilled and in disbelief. This Elvis quickie is a incredible service, and I strongly recommend if you are looking to blow someone away to hire Rick/Elvis with King Creole Entertainment!! -- Delicia N, Santa Clara, CA, 4/26/2008

Rick is Nothing short of completely amazing. Seeing is believing, and he better in person. I have seen a few Elvis impersonators locally and in Vegas. He is the by far the best I have seen. Cant wait to book him for another event! -- Drew R, San Jose, CA, 4/25/2008

This week I have been going crazy trying to finish up the details for my Jimmies 50 year birthday. King Creole was so helpful with all the services they provided. They D.J.ed ,emceed , helped with the schedule, and oh my god what an incredible Elvis performance. The bar that you have to walk through to get to our room was full of people. Most came to the door asking to watch the performance. We thought the voice was actually Elvis voice and he was lip-syncing, he would talk in the middle of the song, and thats when we realized it was actually him singing. He also is very sexy when he does his cool Elvis moves, also easy on the eyes. If you want to experience the next best thing next to Elvis himself you need to call Rick/ Elvis at King Creole. -- Joyce S, Santa Clara, CA, 4/12/2008

WOW, What can I say? Elvis LIVES! The Show, The Songs, The Effects all combined to make the experience of Elvis come Alive on stage to the delight of all in the audience! Young and Old alike were Rockin' to the music of Rick Torres as Elvis Presley! On behalf of the Viva Las Vegas Benefit Show let me say that I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Mr. Torres to anyone looking to put on a truly memorable show with a TOP NOTCH performer and crew! So many people commented on the wonderful evening that we will definately be booking another show soon! Viva Las Vegas, Baby! Robert Archer, Event Organizer Troop 343, Golden Gate District San Francisco Bay Area Council Boy Scouts of America -- Robert A, San Francisco, CA, 4/5/2008

The most impressive moment of all the acts we had in the evening was when Rick The Elvis Impersonator walked into the spotlight to perform a ½ hour tribute to the King. We have 50s parties at our Church every year and we always hire an Elvis impersonator. He is without a doubt the best we have ever had. What a amazing voice and his costume and moves were equally amazing. We already booked him for next year to make sure he was available. -- Sandra M, San Jose, CA, 4/4/2008

Elvis/Rick was simply wonderful, from the moment he responded to our initial request to the time he drove away in the white Thunderbird. We were extremely pleased with the courtesy, convenience, and attention to detail during the setting up of the event. His performance was spot-on--very Elvis-like, funny, clever, and best of all, entertaining for a crowd that ranged from the 75-year-old birthday guest of honor to his four-year-old granddaughter. Everyone loved him! Keep up the good work bringing smiles, laughter, and good times to all sorts of folks. We can't recommend him highly enough. -- Bing T, San Jose, CA, 3/30/2008
Thank you......Thank you very much. Everybody got a real thrill out of the excellent performance. -- Joanne B, Antioch, CA, 3/29/2008

We almost hired another Elvis my sister found in Modesto that was cheaper, but I had this vibe that someone who is willing to drive from Modesto to san Jose for $150.00 might be cheap for a reason. I am so glad I followed my gut. King Creole Entertainment price was very reasonable, their performance, setup and overall communication, and dedication to assuring our event was a success was very professional. We had this in a public restaurant and everybody there was just thrilled. Such a warm and personable entertainer. -- Nichole M, San Jose, CA, 3/22/2008

Our Las Vegas night was complete with the show provided with King Creole Entertainment. Everyone loved the authentic costume, look, mannerism, and singing of the Elvis impersonator who just put on a memorable performance. For anyone looking this is the company to call. Many of our customers said they have seen many Elvis Performers and none were half as good. Rick was just a delight to work with and very professional as well -- Shelby K, Hayward, CA, 3/15/2008

Great Job! My Mother Loved the show!! She was really surprised and really happy with Elvis. Thanks for everything. -- Ruby F, San Francisco, CA, 3/15/2008

Our club members we overwhelmed, and very impressed with an incredible recreation of Elvis through the talent of Rick Torres Elvis Impersonator with King Creole Entertainment. I read most of his testimonials on this site and thought wow he is very favorable and obviously the popular an obvious choice. No doubt in my mind, we will have him back for a larger show in the future. We had members who had seen him in shows at other events, and just loved him all over again! Thank you for the opportunity to express my comment. -- Evelyn V, San Jose, CA, 3/15/2008

When Diane the birthday girl came in to our restaurant for her surprise party she was surprised again when a handsome, dressed in black leather Elvis impersonator AKA Rick walked in from the back of the room! What a great surprise for her, and everyone who was in our completely pack bar. The guest who just happened to be there were treated to a great performer, and a real genuine guy. The Girls just loved him, and did not want him to leave. But, he left anyway….Darn! I guess we will have to have him back soon for a repeat performance! -- Cathy M, Clayton, CA, 3/14/2008

Elvis/Rick , my 95 year old mom loved it and so did I. You were terrific and made the day very special for her. So many people came up to us and said this was the best party Villa Serena Retirement Home ever had. What a special day. Thanks for the red sweaty scarf, I will treasure it always because it was from "the King". I have told and will tell all my friends how great and handsome you are. Oh, and you know how to sing too. You really went the extra mile. Thanks for a great party. j. JoAnn Banayat -- Joann B, Santa Clara, CA, 3/13/2008

Hi, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful performance! Everyone loved you, you were the hit of the evening. Mrs. Hansen even asked how she could contact you as she has a teacher retiring....uh oh! Anyway, I am sending in some pictures to the paper and if any of it prints, I will send it to you. Thank you again, I will be referring you and contacting you again! Lisa Weiss -- Lisa W, Danville, CA, 3/12/2008

Rick Torres as Elvis was way beyond my expectations. He was the hit & highlight of my Dad's party. Everybody raved about him and asked for his card. He was funny, talented, sweet and handsome. Our guests had so much fun taking pictures with him at the end of his performance. I will most definitely hire Rick over and over again in the future and tell all my friends about him. Thanks a million for making it possible to give my Dad the best 80th Birthday Party he could ask for. -- Bonnie M, Berkeley, CA, 3/8/2008

You are Excellent! My son and his wife of one year wanted to see Elvis in Vegas, but when they were married there did not have the time to do so. I was on line looking for the right gift when I found King Creole. Hey, they deliver to your home! Just like a pizza! I said to myself. Boy does this guy deliver! Extra hot but no extra cheesy! Also comes with all the shake you can take! Seriously for a minute, a got to see for yourself experience. Rick/Elvis is an incredible showman, and has got the act, and voice down to a tee. Would hire them again , and I have already told all my friends and colleges, some of which are calling him to book future dates. Thanks again -- Alan R, San Jose, CA, 3/5/2008

We hired Elvis for my Mom's 80th b-day. She loved him and so did all her friends.He was really great and personable with everybody. His performance was outstanding, I'd recommend him for any occossion! -- Barbara V, Castro Valley, CA, 3/1/2008

I hired Rick for my husband's 60th birthday to surprise him. Rick was very accommodating in the time, date and he even learned a song that I requested to be performed for my husband since it is his favorite song. He came 30 minutes before my husband was supposed to show up and took pictures with all the guests, talked to everyone. He is absolutely fabulous. 2. I am the lucky victim of this surprise! I was so impressed with how he gave the complete illusion of Elvis and did so well on his big numbers. Costume:perfect. Personality:Super. He 'dragged' me on stage and we had a ball singing a song together. A memory of a lifetime, captured on film. Thanks, Rick. -- Frida B, San Jose, CA, 2/24/2008

Thank you King Creole Entertainment for an unforgettable evening. We appreciate all you did before, during, and after your show to get the crowd in the mood. I know we will be calling you back for another show in the summer as we gear up for the custom car show. Everybody was so impressed with the show, and the complements kept coming in hours after you left. We will definitely be in touch. -- David S, Morgan Hill, CA, 2/22/2008

Elvis was a HUGE hit - he turned our dinner party into a truly memorable occasion! It was a last minute decision, and I really appreciate how easy it was to get the event planned and how accommodating King Creole was to work with. My dad only wanted on song, but when Elvis sang that one song, my dad was so impressed with his voice he requested a few more! Thanks so much! Sue Ann Salmon Evans -- Sue E, San Francisco, CA, 2/21/2008

Just got back home from the greatest event ever thanks to King Creole Entertainment!! What a fantastic Performance, and very professional presentation. -- Cynthia L, San Jose, CA, 2/21/2008

Unbelievable performance in every way. Impressive, and professional staff. The show was seamless, and very thought out. I had researched Elvis Impersonators available in the bay area, and available on the internet. I can say without a doubt that I could not have made a more excellent choice. King Creole Entertainment brings the spirit of The King to life. What a great voice, and a great person in general. -- Hoa L, Milpitas, CA, 2/17/2008

Thank you for a memorable experience. My mother who is the ultimate Elvis fan was blown away by the completely authentic appearance, movements ,and singing style she witnessed with King Creole Entertainment. She always wanted to see Elvis, but never did because her husband at the time told her she had to sit on her hands during the performance, so she refused to go. To put in a nut shell she did not sit on her hands for this show! If you are looking for an incredible Elvis performance this is the company to call! -- Jerry C, San Mateo Residence, CA, 2/17/2008

Hi DJ Rick and King Creole Entertainment You were great! My mom will never forget her Elvis Encounter, and that goes the same for everyone in the room. Thank you! You are very professional, and talented. You also have excellent service when dealing with your client prior to the party. I will highly recommend you. Angeli -- Angeli T, Union City, CA, 2/16/2008

Thank you for your help. King Creole Entertainment is unreal! Just got back from our vacation in Bora Bora, and the reality of what we went through in the last month preparing for the wedding was almost too much. Dealing with so many different venders. D.J. Rick & Bobbie were simply a delight to work with and went way beyond all our expectations. My husband is a major Elvis fan, so I arranged a 20 minute Elvis tribute as a dinner show surprise .I cant believe how much everyone raved about the excellent performance! My husband just could not believe it. Excellent performance, and a must see to anyone looking to hire an Elvis impersonator! Thank you again, I hope we can pass the word enough to get to see you in action again. -- Michael N, San Jose, CA, 2/10/2008

We had a few changes in the time, and then we had to change the date at the last minute, and the venue. King Creole Entertainment was able to work with us in all the confusion. There was no additional cost because the optional day we needed him he was available. We tipped him because he kept insisting on not charging us. All that aside, I have seen Elvis Tribute artists Las Vegas, Reno, South Lake Tahoe, and a few here and there locally over the years. Rick the Tribute artist with King Creole Entertainment is fabulous, with an amazing voice! I cant say enough about the excellent service we received from beginning to end! -- Brenda K, Burlingame, CA, 1/25/2008

Rick is the BEST! The "real deal." What I thought would be "cute" and fun, turned out to be Fabulous and Entertaining beyond our expectations. Elvis impersonators can be really good, or really bad. Rick was Amazing. We are trying to think what other event we can have Elvis at! Thanks again, it was a fabulous evening all around -- Melissa Bender -- Melissa B, Danville, CA, 1/12/2008

King Creole entertainment was great! The Elvis Tribute artist was everything we expected from all that we saw and read before hiring their services. Everyone had a great time! Thank you very much -- Steve C, Livermore, CA, 1/12/2008

We Hired King Creole To perform three 30 minute Elvis Tribute shows for the 3 hours and when he was not performing he was hanging out taking pictures with the guest. He put together all the background music for the evening, as well as performing the 21 songs and providing a great spot light show! The entire party was completely impressed with every service King Creole provided for our holiday party. Very professional, talented and exceptional service in every way. -- Wendy R, San Francisco, CA, 12/13/2007

Rick the Elvis impersonator arrived on time to a room full of extremely surprised Girls! He had his work cut out for him! What a sensational entertainer and a very down to earth person just like Elvis.His look and outfit were very authentic. I think Elvis would be proud to know that Rick carries on his memory with such reverence. -- Franco P, San Jose, CA, 11/29/2007

Very authentic performance, and definitely worth every penny. This was a surprise for my husband, and when The Elvis impersonator walked in to perform I actually jumped in my seat. Excellent Voice Thank you again! -- Amy G, San Francisco, CA, 11/24/2007

Rick's performance was excellent. Everybody in the audience had a great time. Rick was very friendly and accomodating; it was a pleasure dealing with him in preparing for the show. -- Eric H, Milpitas, CA, 11/18/2007

For our Casino night, we had many attractions throughout the evening, but none compared to the Elvis Tribute presented By King Creole Entertainment. Everyone gave a standing ovation and cheered for an encore performance. Elvis did two more songs and hung around for pictures afterwards. Most of the people had never seen an Elvis show and completely loved it. The ones who did said it was the best they had seen. Thank you again for a great performance -- Corina V, Monterey, CA, 11/17/2007

To Gigmasters and King Creole Entertainment. We are very happy with the services we received using King Creole for our Elvis appearance. We were contacted at exactly the time we were told, and were greeted by a KCE staff member and the King! The restaurant where we were having our small bachelorette party was very full and also, surprised when a very authentic Elvis strolled in the door. The cameras and camera phones were going off like crazy as he headed toward our table at the far end of the restaurant to perform the Elvis Quickie 4 song show for the Bride to be. The restaurant hostess thought that others would be bothered with the show and asked the KCE staff member to turn down music. When they did they were immediately told to turn it up by the management because the other customers said to please turn it up again. I heard someone at another table say,Man! the boy has some pipes! He did indeed. Thank you for a great performance -- Anna K, Stanford, CA, 10/23/2007

Our convention/50s party was a complete success mostly in part of the excellent service given to us by King Creole Entertainment. D.J. Rick is a true professional in every way. He definitely knows his stuff! The Elvis tribute/68 comeback rock-a-Billy, and a little dash of sixties concert was very unexpected as we have seen this type of show before, but nothing like this. The impersonator was funny, interactive, and had an incredible voice ,that along with his stage presents, and tight leather suit made the entire experience very authentic. Most of the audience said later that they thought the voice was so good that he might be lip-syncing. No way it was him singing….WOW!! If you are looking for the best, King Creole is you Entertainment Co. Thanks again Rick -- Megan M, Berkeley, CA, 10/18/2007

There are so many good things to say, I dont even know where to begin with this. I have a career where I am around talent, and entertainment, and I was very impressed with what transpired throughout the evening. The Elvis tribute was magical, and the Elvis Tribute Artist was very impressive! The lighting, the sound system, and the wide variety of music played were fantastic!! The great overall experience my family, and friends as well as myself experienced were Completely memorable!! -- Jeanette J, San Jose, CA, 9/22/2007

The Elvis performer was excellent. My husband was very surprised and impressed it was Definitely memorable. Elvis performed a wedding ceremony after our actual ceremony. It was perfect, and the family and friends who were there just laughed out of control! Thanks again! -- Jill V, San Jose, CA, 9/22/2007
This was a surprise, and a last minute surprise at that for my Dads birthday. I am sooo glad King Creole Entertainment was available for this. I was on his website for at least 1.5 hours watching all his past live footage and viewing pictures at King Creole He was even better in person! The jumpsuit we selected, the Blue Owl suit was so cool and authentic! The people at the hotel were taking pictures with him all the way out to the lobby where, unfortunately we said goodbye to him. That you Gigmasters for offering astounding services! -- Kathleen K, Burlingame, CA, 9/21/2007

Rick, you are an outstanding DJ,and a great Elvis Impersonator! one of the best I have ever seen in person, and I have seen a few! You made my 40th birthday party ROCK!!!! Getting middle-aged Marin people to go crazy on the dance floor is a huge achievement - and everybody loved it! I hope you had as much fun as we did, but I hope you do not have to put up with aching feet.I also hope you will come back next time we have a party, because we want only the best!!Thank you, thank you, thank you.Dennis and Lisa -- Dennis S, Tiburon, CA, 9/15/2007

Great Job, Thank you again for your excellent Service! -- Edie D, San Rafael, CA, 8/12/2007

We had an Elvis quickie on my parents 40th Anniversary! The Elvis show was the greatest thing we ever did for our parents 40th Anniversary. King Creole entertainment's Elvis show was awesome! The Elvis costume and show were very authentic. The performance was outstanding. My mom and dad had a blast and so did everybody at the party! It was both romantic and totally entertaining. Thumbs up! Thanks Elvis!!!! -- Cristina S, Santa Clara, CA, 8/10/2007

Thank you gigmasters for your help. At the last minute we decided since out theme was a 70s party, that be great if we could have Elvis there to sing a few songs! It was extremely short notice but it was worth a try as long as it was not a fortune we had to pay. King Creole was contacted, and they replied almost immediately. They had a previous engagement that day, but made special arrangement to make it for our show that evening. King Creole entertainment was accommodating, professional, affordable, and Elvis was amazing!! My mother who is a very lively 90 years old had seen Elvis in concert, and was brought to tears of joy as the memories flowed while watching the Elvis impersonators flirty mannerism, and also his perfect singing style of the late Kings songs. He was worth every penny, and the price was very agreeable, considering the memories he made that day were priceless to my mom. Thanks again King Creole Entertainment -- Debbie S, San Jose, CA, 8/5/2007

2007 Hot August Nights was a great success. We created a special page featuring a 40-photo slideshow and FIVE video clips featuring Elvis impersonator Rick Torres with King Creole Entertainments dynamic performances of You Gave Me A Mountain, T.R.O.U.B.L.E., Are You Lonesome Tonight, The Wonder Of You, All Shook Up, My Way, and Cant Help Falling In Love...thank you very much! Click HERE to enjoy the sights & sounds! -- Vince P, Sunnyvale, CA, 8/4/2007

When Elvis arrived to our party, the 200 + guests went crazy over him and his performance!!! What a great show he put on! He looked and sounded fabulous! Our guest of honor's, (there were 2 birthday boys), looked great in the glasses and personalized scarf's Elvis gave them! Would definitly recomend you hire him for your party entertainment needs! I know I look forward to party planning with King Creole Entertainment in the future! Thanks for the great experience! -- Teresa A, Monterey, CA, 7/29/2007

Oh Yes, Definitely the right decision using King Creole. Thank you for a memorable evening. The Elvis Tribute was amazing, and very unexpected for the guest who attended the event. The Elvis impersonator had the voice down, and the show flowed with perfection! We did not exactly know what to expect, but after looking at the King Creole Website and speaking with Rick the owner of K.C.E. we knew the decision to proceed forward was a right one. Everything about the performance was fantastic, and the professionalism while they prepared the show was as well. Thank you again!! -- David F, Saratoga, CA, 7/14/2007

Dear King Creole & Gigmasters We hoped for something that would make our fathers dreams of a visit from the greatest performer Elvis a reality. The 45 minute show supplied by King Creole was a dream come true. My Family and especially My Father will remember this performance forever. The music and the songs sung by King Creoles Elvis impersonator were fantastic!! The costume was beautiful and the lighting and Elvis sign used to complement the show were the cherry on top of a perfect birthday for him. Thank you again, so much. I still am getting chills watching the video we made. The voice was so right on, it was hard to believe it was live, but I was there ,and it was. -- Annette R, Morgan Hill, CA, 7/14/2007

Thank you Gigmasters & King Creoles Elvis for a memorable 15 minutes!! The Elvis Quickie! What a great service! The girls at the office were a in a buzz all day awaiting the retirement party of a great friend, and at 6:30 pm Elvis 3 song show and photo op. aka the Quickie!!. The music and the singing of the late King were perfect. The costume was beautiful! I love the way King Creole laid out their ELVIS website. You can actually select the Elvis jumpsuit you want for you party, view pictures, and see footage of past shows listed by song, so you can create your Elvis experience. Completely amazing service and a Great Entertainer!!! Thank you again. -- Melissa B, San Jose, CA, 6/22/2007

Dear Rick, I can't even put into words how great you were and how much my siser and brother-in-law LOVED you. Joe is thinking about having you come for an hour, he's just trying to make up a new holiday just to have you come and sing. Thank you for making it so special for them. I have a question, was that really you singing? I was excited to meet you as well. My daughter and I didn't have to go out of town this weekend so it was a big surprise for my sister and Joe for us to be there. He is one of my favorite people. He truly loves my sister of 37 years. Anyway thank you and you will be hearing from us. Love Susan -- Susan N, Fremont, CA, 6/10/2007

Hi Gigmasters, I wish to start by saying , there was a very unexpected chain of events that could have been worst if it was not for the extreme professionalism and imagination of King Creole Entertainment. Six days prior to our date we were advised Our Elvis Tribute show scheduled was halted due to the convention centers rules about setting up shows such as this. Not swayed D.J. Rick: owner of King Creole created a rolling self contained wireless system that required no set-up and performed in front of our booth. Elvis rolled the system about and lured countless people to our booth that may have not stopped at all. King Creoles Elvis was a great showman, with a great voice and open personality. King Creole made our day a success!!!! -- Mike M, Santa Clara, CA, 6/8/2007

Our quarterly parties are generally fun and, most of our employees just come to eat. Looking to make this party more interesting I dismissed the few D.J Companies we had used in the past ,and came across the Gigmasters website, and more to the fact King Creole Entertainment! I was very impressed with the price as well as the options of services they had to offer. In the past we have paid almost 50% more for only a D.J. than what we were paying for The D.J./Karaoke/Elvis Tribute that were supplied by King Creole. Based on the impeccable service we received I quickly realized that we have been overcharged in the past. Nobody including myself knew what to expect of what was to come. Fantastic outdoor Tribute show with Elvis, amazing lighting and smoke effects, everyone doing karaoke in the area Elvis performed at, and a great D.J. show to say the least. As I said previously, most people would typically leave after they eat, but nobody walked away from this day. Thank you King Creole & Gigmasters, we have found the only Entertainment service we will ever need. -- Kris G, San Jose, CA, 5/11/2007

We Definitely made the wise choice hiring the Elvis Impersonator @ King Creole entertainment. He was incredible ,and everyone was completely floored with the music, the costume, and the general feel of the whole show. We did not have the turnout at first, then the music started echoing throughout the building. Then all of a sudden there were people coming from everywhere to watch the show. Nothing short of spectacular! Thanks again! We will definitely use you for another function. -- Daniel C, Berkeley, CA, 4/26/2007

Completely spectacular in every way. Thank you soo much King Creole Entertainment for a great performance. Everybody felt like they were enjoining a cocktail show in las Vegas. The lighting effects,the spotlight,the red white & blue lighted Elvis sign, and the general layout of the entire scene. It was like going back in a time machine. The songs were sung with such heart by Rick T. aka Elvis, and the entire show was completely timed out perfectly. Thank you again!!......Or should I say..…Thank you very much. -- Ben S, Santa Clara, CA, 4/18/2007

Dear Elvis, Your Elvis Quickie was just perfect. My wife loved every minute of it and it was a great value. We will keep the scarf and Elvis glasses forever. All my friends are talking about it and I will recommend your service to anyone -- Eric L, Burlingame, CA, 8/22/2009

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